Canvas: business model design

Have you heard of Canvas of a business model, of the canvas model but do not know how to use it? Do you want to know the tool that will make it possible for you to work on your business model in a practical, interactive and simple way?

If you have an idea and want to design your business model in a more practical way and work and innovate with the Business model Canvas tool, you will love it !! It is one of the most used tools in the Lean Startup methodology.

Before writing any project report or business plan explaining all the sections that make up the business model, it is critical to sketch and perform a Canvas analysis to develop the business model quickly and easily.

The best tool to carry out this previous work of reflection and analysis, is the Canvas model of your business or Business model Canvas. By way of introduction, I share a video that details in a practical way the use of the Canvas.

What is the "Canvas of business model" and how can this tool help you?

Although previously there were people working with similar concepts, the Canvas of business model is a new tool, which a few years ago (2010) was born thanks to the book "Generation of business models" (Business Model Generation) written by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur. This book is characterized as a guide for visionaries, revolutionaries and challengers who want to challenge outdated business models and design the companies of the future. It also provides a large number of examples of the Canvas model and helps you to design business models in a practical way.

Benefits of using the Canvas of Business Model

  1. The Canvas method is a very practical tool (canvas) since it allows you to modify everything you want as you advance in your analysis and testing the most risky hypotheses that put into play the viability of your business.
  2. The Canvas model is very simple, a very intuitive and fun canvas. It is best to print it in XL size and work with post-its and colored markers.
  3. It allows you to work in a team: Hang the canvas on the wall and make the Canvas model visible to everyone. Remove the tables and work in groups in a very interactive and dynamic way.
  4. Visual: Allows you to see in a global way ALL the important aspects that make up your Canvas of business model. I recommend that you leave the canvas exposed once the analysis is finished, so that all members have a clear overview of the product and / or service at a glance.


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