Passion and perseverance: keys to success

Perseverance, innovation and passion for work are essential elements for an entrepreneur to position their products or services in the market. Companies seek the balance between cultural transformation, smart processes, customer experience and profitability to drive innovation in an increasingly competitive market. Innovating is, today, the essence of business competitiveness….

Promoting innovative tourism

Today innovation is fundamental in the tourism industry, since in times of pandemic (COVID19) conditions are different, they also have greater access to technology, they expect quality and a different experience in the services they acquire and in many cases they are shared on social networks and platforms, this is…

The strategy in times of COVID-19

We have seen how in a period of days, many companies and governments have instrumentalized remote work models, have trained (through digital platforms) their employees in digital solutions in which they were not used to working in Latin America, have adapted procedures and They have promoted a collaborative digital work…

The keys to digital transformation

Digital transformation offers enormous potential for companies at a competitive level in an increasingly technological world. This is shown by a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which states that the most technological companies are more profitable and have more satisfied customers. Many managers today are overwhelmed to think…