We celebrate 5 years

This September this Blog celebrates 5 years of being current sharing tacit knowledge, that which is generated through personal experience that involves intangible factors such as observation, values, points of view, intuition, etc… but that are taken to this Blog in a structured and summarized way that is understandable to…


In an increasingly connected world, companies are forced to act more and more “outside the box”, abandoning known models in order to stand out in the market. Business innovation is an important process in the business world, but many times, it comes at a price. For this reason, more and…

Disruptive leaders in companies

All leadership should be by nature disruptive. Leadership always takes people and companies from where they are to where they want to be. In this sense, an innovative leader is necessary to make changes and innovate in companies, otherwise the company would be destined to disappear from the map. Today,…

Passion and perseverance: keys to success

Perseverance, innovation and passion for work are essential elements for an entrepreneur to position their products or services in the market. Companies seek the balance between cultural transformation, smart processes, customer experience and profitability to drive innovation in an increasingly competitive market. Innovating is, today, the essence of business competitiveness….